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Common mistakes of a leader

Leaders of a team or company must constantly deal with the motivation, growth and effectiveness of their team. In order to achieve this, there are some actions that leaders should avoid in order to prevent losing sight of the common objective they have within the organization.

1. Not be effective

When the execution of a pending activity takes more time than initially planned, it should be reviewed precisely how it is being carried out, and if it is affecting or being affected by other tasks. Some work meetings take longer than agreed. It is important that from the beginning its objective is clarified to ensure that each of the tasks are performed in a timely manner and time is not wasted repeating topics that have already been explained.

2. Bad communication

Good communication saves many bad processes, especially within areas that depend on each other. This is related to how each point is clarified with the team leaders. Creating a good relationship from the beginning with the team you lead helps a lot for good cohesion at work, trust and effectiveness to achieve the desired results.

3. Not learning to delegate

Delegating responsibilities and tasks within the team will promote greater confidence and also the release of tasks for the leader, using this time to check if the results go according to plan or if it should be prioritized in any area to optimize time, effort, work, etc. You can reduce time and simplify data with good planning. This will also deliver faster, more synthesized and specific results.

4. Unnecessary tasks

In day-to-day work there are various tasks that must be carried out. A few are strategic, many have a low priority. Of these, it is necessary to identify which are not strategic to execute them quickly, delegate them or reject them.

5. Lack of accessibility

As a leader, it is important to create an impact within the team to demand results. However, it is equally or more important to have a motivated team. To achieve this, it is necessary to have good and open communication within the team, trust and have accessibility. Leaders must always set an example.

Creating an optimal work environment is important to generate a connection with the direct team and with other areas. This creates full accessibility within the company and a supportive organizational culture that carries over into dealing with customers.

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