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How to get better qualified prospects

If you still don't have a methodology to identify if your prospects are the right ones, you are in the right place and you have a lot to learn!

Every day you work to get better leads and increase the sales of your business, but surely you have asked yourself: what real interest does this prospect have in my product or service? And is it a real potential customer for me? Here we will help you answer your questions by implementing the BANT methodology - developed by IBM - which refers to the evaluation of leads to determine the quality of your prospects and if there is really an opportunity to generate a sale.

The acronyms of BANT correspond to four elements with which you can determine the characteristics of your leads:

B = Budget

Knowing the budget of the potential buyer is always useful because you can offer them products and services that adjust to what they can pay, thus avoiding allocating resources on proposals that do not suit your budget.

A = Authority

This element focuses on knowing the authority or role of the person with whom you have contact. This person must have the ability to make decisions to continue the process. Otherwise, the sales process may be longer. But don't worry, it doesn't mean you should dismiss the opportunity. Your best option is to find a way to escalate your proposal as soon as possible to a person with the authority to make decisions.

N = Need

This point is important because you must verify if your lead really needs what you offer and if you are able to meet their expectations. For this you must collect as much information as possible from your prospect. Some sellers choose to offer functionalities that the product or service of interest does not currently contain in order to finalize the sale; however, this can affect your reputation or that of your company. Therefore, the best way will always be to persuade the client with realistic arguments of what your client can really get.

T = Time

Time refers to knowing the level of urgency that the prospect has to meet their need; that is, when you plan to make the purchase. At this point you should also consider the duration of the internal processes through which the purchase request must pass. In this way you will be able to visualize a possible negotiation closing date.

If you use this method, your sales process will improve, you will ask more specific questions of your leads and it will help you obtain more qualified prospects and close sales.

To qualify your prospects you can use a CRM that helps you to facilitate the management of your sales process keep all the information of your customers in order. But the most important thing is that it allows you to identify where you are in the negotiation and by what you are not managing to close sales.

Adapt your strategies and manage them from one place. Pipedrive is a CRM with which you can be ready to achieve it. Focus on the right opportunities and offer value to your leads during the sales process. The BANT method is a great ally of CRM.

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