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Increase the productivity of your team with these simple changes

There are habits that hinder productivity within a company. Changing them can be difficult, but it is certain that they will generate a positive change in the internal operation.

1. Don't spend a lot of time reading emails

Employees are unlikely to waste time on email on purpose, but it's common to constantly check email neglecting other activities. It is difficult to replace this tool as it is useful for finding relevant data, files and information. To speed up the sending and receiving of emails, there are platforms for project management that send notifications about tasks or any modification that is made, achieving efficiency in decision making.

2. Do not have meetings without being absolutely necessary

With the help of tools that continuously report on progress or modifications in projects, decisions can be quickly made, appropriately resulting in greater productivity and saving time spent in meetings. With the appropriate platforms, it will be possible to streamline:

  • The status of your project

  • The search for specific information

  • Decision making

3. Do not forget delivery dates

As a leader, you are usually aware of the delivery dates of an entire team. Reminding everyone of their deadlines and goals becomes less than agile. Using tools where delivery dates are scheduled as reminders according to each area and need helps to have better collaboration, response times and action on important decisions.

4. Do not waste time validating information

Corroborating information to carry out the work is important, but most of the time a lot of time is wasted in the process and takes longer than planned. The search for data can be streamlined through proven platforms that offer solutions with up-to-date, legitimate and useful content.

5. Do not react to interruptions

Pausing a task to answer questions or check that the task process is correct tends to distract and lose focus on what is being done. These actions can be corrected by programs that automate approval requests and spaces to answer questions.

6. Do not assign value to your team's actions

Failure to recognize effort at work will negatively affect performance. Through some tools that control collaboration, tasks and schedules, productivity is satisfactorily increased by adding value to the work done.


These specific changes will increase productivity by leveraging comprehensive collaboration, better communication and time. Dare to use innovative platforms that generate important changes within the activities of your company or projects. If you have any questions, please write to us at:



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